Contingent Fee Referee

If you have a promising manuscript or proposal, and need to publish in a good or great journal or win a foundation grant or contract, CFR may be able to help. We do not guarantee acceptance, but we do offer services structured to promote success with refereed journals and foundations.

We will typically turn around your work within 48 hours, though if the chances of acceptance will be enhanced by additional time and work, we will take that time and use it to your benefit.

CFR has experience:  you will work with Robert Drago, Ph.D., lead author on more than 60 refereed journal articles appearing in outlets such as the Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Labor Economics, Southern Economic Journal, International Economic Review, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Industrial Relations, Monthly Labor Review and the British Journal of Industrial Relations. He has refereed for a broader range of journals, including the American Economic Review, American Sociological Review, Applied Economics, Economica, Economic Inquiry, Human Relations, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Oxford Economic Papers, Review of Economics and Statistics, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, and Science.  He is also responsible for more than $2m in successful grant applications, and has reviewed proposals for the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and National Science Foundation, among others.

This is not a ghost-writing service, and much of our work involves improving your research skills, regardless of whether your native language is English. At the end of the day, you can feel comfortable knowing that it is your work, and not ours, that is accepted.

Drago curriculum vitae here.

The CFR Process for Journal Submissions:

  1. SAMPLES: Submit a manuscript to CFR. Be sure to let us know either the specific journal where you wish to publish, or ask for our advice on the appropriate journal.

  2. The draft will initially be accepted or rejected by CFR. If accepted, a brief review and edit of the initial two pages of the manuscript will be provided to you at no charge. If rejected, we will provide a brief explanation for the decision (which may involve the research being out of our areas of expertise). If accepted, a $100 fee is required for further work by CFR.

  3. CFR will identify research tasks required of the author or authors to improve the odds of success. These tasks may involve: clarification of the problem to be examined or hypotheses to be tested, additional literature to be reviewed or discussed in the article, the inclusion of alternative assumptions for modelling, alternative specifications or data sources for empirical work, recommendations for concluding observations, and discussion of implications for future research. You also need to draft a brief cover letter for submission to the journal at this stage. If these tasks are completed to the satisfaction of CFR, the work continues to the next step. If you prefer, any additional work will be performed for a fixed rate of $75 per hour. Otherwise, continue to step 4.

  4. Here is where the contingent fee work begins. CFR will edit the article and cover letter at a rate of $100 per hour. For empirical articles, you need to use and send Stata do-files, along with your data, so we can check for accuracy and make suggestions for improving the specification (this ensures that your work can fulfill the replicability requirement of many journals). You will know the amount before you decide whether to pay, but will not receive the finished product until payment is received.

  5. You next submit the article and forward any response from the journal to CFR. If the article is accepted, congratulations!

  6. If the journal instead asks for revision and resubmission, you are moving towards acceptance. Send the editorís response and referee reports to CFR. We will use these to provide you with an outline for further work for you to perform (at no charge). That work will include your drafting of a written response to the editor and referees. Once that work is completed to the satisfaction of CFR, we will either approve resubmission or provide an estimate for any further CFR work needed for the article or written response (again at $100 per hour). When further work is needed, payment must be provided before the article and written response are returned to you for resubmission.

  7. If CFR approves submission and, where relevant, resubmission, but the article is ultimately rejected, we will refund 50% of all contingent fees (i.e., beyond the initial $200 in fees). Alternatively, if you believe we can help with publication elsewhere, a reduced refund can be negotiated, and the work continued. 

The CFR Process for Grant and Contract Proposals:

This process is identical to that for journal submissions, with an exception regarding step 6 above: some foundations, such as the NSF, often do not have the option of requesting immediate revision and resubmission. Their equivalent is to reject a proposal, but provide feedback for resubmission during the next round of funding. In these cases, if the feedback calls for building the existing proposal further for resubmission, the response will be treated as a partial request for resubmission, and a 30% refund on any contingent fees will be provided. If the feedback calls for changing the topic or research questions entirely, the response will be treated as a rejection, and a 50% refund provided.

To Get Started:

Email "robert.drago44 @" (removing the spaces before and after the "@" sign).

Payments and refunds are processed through Paypal (international and U.S.) or (U.S. only, and easiest if you already have an amazon account). You will receive invoices by email, and pay through the services (we do not receive your credit card information). If you are located in the U.S., checks or money orders are also acceptable.

Contingent Fee Referee

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